If you recently shelled out big bucks for a bridesmaid dress to wear in a friend’s wedding, you may think that it will just sit in the back of your closet once the wedding is over. Luckily, however, many modern weddings use versatile bridesmaid dresses that are so chic, you can actually wear them again and again. If you’re considering re-wearing that floor-length frock to an upcoming formal event, check out these simple tips for how to repurpose your bridesmaid dress for any other occasion.

1. Consider the dress. If the wedding was very formal, you can likely re-wear the dress to other formal occasions, such as military balls or the opera. If it was a casual, summer wedding, your bridesmaid dress would make the perfect outfit for something else that is only slightly formal, such as a party or even another wedding. Use your discretion before attempting to re-wear the dress.

2. Invest in new shoes. Because many brides prefer that the bridesmaids wear shoes that match the dress to a T, you likely won’t want to wear those shoes again. Instead, purchase a pair of heels in a complimentary shade, such as a neutral silver, gold or black.

3. Wear something on top. If you want to transition a warm weather bridesmaid dress into colder weather, you can easily throw a shawl or jacket on top. A wide, silky wrap is perfect for those transitional months between summer and fall, while a heavier pashmina or leather jacket will give it a high fashion look come wintertime.

4. Tone down the accessories. For less formal occasions, you can dress down your bridesmaid dress by pairing it with less formal accessories as well. Think a simple gold necklace, a pair of small pearl earrings or a stack of bangles on one arm.