Every celebrity dresses to impress when walking down the red carpet but, these four women below stop at nothing to have the most flawless looking evening dresses when they are in the spotlight! We admire their glamorous looks and we’re ready to take notes for the Fall 2016 season that’s coming soon!

Cara Delevingne Evening Dress


Cara Delevingne has won our hearts with her ability to pull off almost ANY makeup look, she’s truly a chameleon in the modeling world, but her best looks of all time have to be when she rocks a heavy smokey eye. Usually keeping the lips a softer color, Cara pulls off this edgy look effortlessly! Smokey eyes go perfectly with our newest Fall Collections, so practice this chic look to wear on your own for homecoming or Fall weddings!


Selena Gomez Evening Dresses

Selena Gomez is a gorgeous girl on her own, but when she adds that pop of deep-berry onto her lips, she takes her makeup look to a whole other level of glam! We love her subtle and natural looking smokey eyes too, it completes her perfectly. Selena’s red-carpet beauty routine has the words “makeup goals” written ALL over it!

Emma Stone Evening Dresses

Whether she’s blonde, strawberry-blonde, or full on red-head, Emma Stone ALWAYS looks impeccable on the red carpet; especially when it comes to her makeup! We love Emma’s looks so much because she keeps it classy, while always surprising her fans with a little something different, like an electric lip, or neon blue eyeliner. Much like her wardrobe, Emma’s makeup is always fresh and unique. Try out her makeup looks with these unique styles.

Blake Lively Evening Dresses

We couldn’t have made this celebrity makeup list without including Mrs. Blake Lively! Blake is the epitome of perfection when it comes to her makeup routine owing to her always glowing skin! She tries to keep her skincare and beauty routines looking effortless, so natural looking hues and blush highlights are a must, even if she’s walking down the red carpet. T