The main trend this upcoming prom season is a sleek un-embellished look that focuses more on the body’s silhouette rather than being totally blinged out. While sparkle and heavy embellishments will always hold a special place in our heart, we love indulging in the latest trends too! We’ve already started scoping some out, here are some of our favorite upcoming Spring trends to be on the look-out for!The sleek look gets our unanimous vote, because it’s giving prom style everywhere a breath of fresh air. It’s always good to break out of routine, especially in the Spring, it’s the time of growth and re-imagining! Along with the un-embellished look, we’re also drooling over some other Prom 2016 must-haves like, bold ball gowns and luxe mikado dresses. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for alluring illusion details and fanciful florals!

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re left to scramble and rush around in hopes of landing the perfect gifts for all of our family and friends. In the midst of all this rushing around, we often forget to pay much attention to ourselves and our own needs, leaving us looking a little less than on point. Sweats, sun-deprived skin, and a chic bird’s-nest messy bun and we think we’re ready for life? We’re here to remind you that YOU too need some sprucing during the holiday season and we’re here to make that as easy and stress free as possible!

Eyes are the one thing on the face that scream “I’m tired” when you haven’t given yourself enough recovery time from . We’ve gathered 8 different eye makeup styles to help avoid this drab look during the happiest time of year!

Eye 1

1. Sparkle is perfect for any holiday event! Whether you’re only out shopping or if you’re out to celebrate, a little dash of sparkle eye-shadow around the outline of your eye helps greatly to brighten up your aura!


eye 2

2. Metallics are where it’s at this season. We love a thick coat of a deep hued shadow with just the right amount shimmer!


eye 3

3. A light and natural look with a soft glow is just what the doctor ordered for your restless self! Add a touch of gold shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes for the perfect pop!


eye 4

4. Ahh a shade your skin hasn’t seen in months! A bronze glow is a much needed touch of color in the cold winter months, it will leave you looking healthy and well rested!


eye 5

5. We love this look for an office holiday party! It’s not too much and it’s not too little, it’s just enough! Pair it with this chic jumpsuit!


eye 6

6. Open up those tired holiday shopping eyes and get ready for a holiday where you don’t have to shop for anyone but yourself! New Year’s is here! NYE is the time to be daring and bold, rock a lip and eye that grabs everyone’s attention! Pair with this sexy shortie by Scala!


eye 7

7. Do you have a formal winter affair coming up soon? Wondering what makeup will make your look complete? We suggest this Frozen reminiscent metallic shadow! The splashes of colors will catch the light and have all eyes on you!


eye 8

8. Another favorite of ours for NYE 2016! The rich colored lip and shadow make a perfect pair when matched up with the contrast of the gold glitter!