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evening dresses are my top picks for events

Le 18 January 2018, 08:09 dans Humeurs 0

There are many styles that you can discover in the site and one can take you not just from evening night but even to weddings. And long evening dresses are my top picks for events like this since a floor-length pattern gives off a feeling of sophistication and elegance. 


You can wear it in any color like soft, muted pastels in pink, baby blue and mint green or bold hues such as red, purple and navy blue. Diving further into rich embroidery, lustrous beadwork and neckline details. It really goes to show how versatile each piece is. With an extensive collection, you can definitely find something that suits your need, personality, and taste. 


What did you think of the dresses I selected

Le 28 December 2017, 08:37 dans Humeurs 0

What did you think of the dresses I selected? They are all beautiful and wanting or not much more than buying here or even rent, because it has super different models and unique.

As I said, there are models for all tastes and occasions, to check the products of the store, I will leave several links in the post for you to check, I hope you enjoy seeing?

If you have some event to go, look good and sure before the large number of models, you will find a perfect, remembering that they always buy with a great advance of the period of the party that you will, because international purchases you know how it is huh? It takes delivery, I say that, so at the time some people who are not accustomed to buying on these sites, end up getting upset because the dress did not arrive in time for the planned event. So here's the personal tip, okay?


To make purchases at this store, you need the international credit card, paypal or transfer. 

I'm leaving you here my top evening dresses from their online shop

Le 21 December 2017, 10:55 dans Humeurs 0

Do you know the web I didn't neither until few days ago, and I'm quite surprised. It's an online shop for party events, as they have evening dresses and prom dresses. It's a UK web with a very english style, I say this because here in spain with don't have the same customs such as that the bridesmaids go all the same. Even so, they have such beautiful dresses!!!!

They also have evening dresses (uk evening dresses 2018) for that magic night (we neither have that in Spain). 

The party season is coming, so I'm leaving you here my top dresses from their online shop for afternoon party (you have to go with long dresses). 

I hope you like them!! I'll leave all the links so that you can shop them directly. 

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